Ants, members of the family Formicidae, have existed on this planet for longer than 100 million years.  With over 14,000 known species, these organisms subsist off of an extraordinarily diverse array of life strategies, rivaled perhaps only by Homo sapiens.  As humans, we see very little of the ants’ world.  Occasionally, we lower our gaze enough to notice a bustling highway of ants, moving to and from a potato chip.  Little else is seen.  And nothing is understood.  The full glory of ant queendoms exists obscured beneath a thick layer of hard earth.  The goal of ColoradoAnts is to bring these complex and beautiful societies closer to the light, so that people will begin to understand what they truly are.

All of the media displayed on this site (with the exception of music) is my own and is under copyright protection.  If you wish to use it for educational purposes, please email me at ColoradoAnts@gmail.com.  Thank you.


3 responses to “About

  1. Nice blog, Conor!
    I really enjoy learning about these amazing creatures through your images and observations. These animals have a lot to teach us about social dynamics, altruism, and community coordination.
    Thanks for sharing your work and please keep the info coming!
    Uncle Bill

  2. Andrew Deem

    Very impressive! It’s nice to see you pursuing something that interests you. And you are very professional with your blog – a trait that, learned early, can help you get places. Keep up the great work. I plan to visit often.

    Andrew D.

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